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Before you remodel your kitchen, make a checklist of major and minor problems and keep notes of the features you dislike and like the most. This way, when it comes time to sit down with a qualified designer, they'll know exactly how to suit your needs, taste and style. Start off by thinking about the following important details in your kitchen and how you'd like to either change or keep them in your remodeled room.


 ◊ Is there adequate space?  Make sure you're satisfied with the amount of counter space, cabinet space and floor space. The position of your refrigerator shape of your counter may be taking away from a useful area.


 ◊  Are you happy with the traffic flow through your kitchen? If there's more than one cook in your household, you may want to consider making more room around the main work space. If you enjoy entertaining, you may want an open plan kitchen that allows for more social interaction between rooms other than the kitchen.

◊   Is your kitchen efficient? If your appliances are dated, they may be costing you more money than you expect. New technological advances with dishwashers, disposals and refrigerators can save you a considerable amount of money and may be worth the investment.

◊  Do you have children? Depending on whether or not you have children, and their ages, your kitchen may need to be remodeled. Dated appliances and the set-up of your kitchen can be hazardous for young kids. If you are in the process of extending your family, you may even want more room for cooking larger meals, and lower cabinets for easier access to children's food.


Do you like the location and design of your kitchen? Maybe you'd like to add a deck on to the side of your house and would like to incorporate the door into the layout of your kitchen. You may want to re-arrange the position of windows to allow more or less sunlight or to watch your children play in the yard. Many people don't realize it's unsanitary to have a bathroom connected to the kitchen. If this is your layout, you may want to consider creating a hallway or different entrance to the bathroom.


Ok, now you know your kitchen needs remodeling, but you still don't know where to begin! It may seem like the list of things-to-do is endless, but don't worry, just follow the steps below and take our advice. You'll be on your way in no time!

1.  Decide What You Want

 ◊  or just to improve your living space
 ◊  What are your options? Is there room to expand into the back/front yard or is there enough room to redesign using the existing floor space?
 ◊  What are your priorities? Figure out what you what to change the most, and what can you keep or just update    
 ◊  Get input from all members of your household - find out their needs and wants     
 ◊  Consider short-term and long-term implications of your renovation decisions (Will you have more/any children, how long you plan to live in this                   house. will your choices increase/decrease its resale value?)

2.  Collect Ideas and Information

 ◊  Read magazines and books to get an idea of the 'look' you want
 ◊  Make a clip book of all the pictures and ideas that represent your taste and style
 ◊  Watch related television shows and record episodes you particularly like
 ◊  Visit home shows and manufacturer/supplier showrooms
 ◊ Talk to relatives, friends and co-workers that have renovated. What have they learned, what would they recommend

3.  Determine Your Budget

 ◊   Break down your priorities and figure out what you are willing to spend the most money on
 ◊   What's the total amount you are willing to spend?
 ◊   How much can/are you willing to borrow?

Kitchen Remodeling


Project description

Update an outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen with design and installation of a functional layout of 30 linear feet of semi-custom grade wood cabinets, including a 3-by-5-foot island; laminate countertops; and standard double-tub stainless-steel sink with standard single-lever faucet. Include energy-efficient wall oven, cooktop, ventilation system, built-in microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and custom lighting. Add new resilient flooring. Finish with painted walls, trim, and ceiling.


Project description

Update outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of top-of-the-line custom cherry cabinets with built-in sliding shelves and other interior accessories. Include stone countertops with imported ceramic or glass tile backsplash; built-in refrigerator, cooktop, and 36-inch commercial grade range and vent hood; built-in warming drawer, trash compactor, and built-in combination microwave and convection oven. Install high-end undermount sink with designer faucets, and built-in water filtration system. Add new general and task lighting including low-voltage under-cabinet lights. Install cork flooring, cherry trim.




Job Cost    
Value at Sale    
%Cost Recovered  Job Cost   
 Value at Sale    
 %Cost Recovered
105.5%  $86,677    


419 Palmer Ave.

Falmouth, MA 02540




Falmouth, MA Chamber of Commerce

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